clients/lib/xmmsclient/visualization/dummy.c File Reference

#include "common.h"

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xmmsc_result_tsetup_shm_prepare (xmmsc_connection_t *c, int32_t vv)
bool setup_shm_handle (xmmsc_result_t *res)
void cleanup_shm (xmmsc_vis_unixshm_t *t)
int read_do_shm (xmmsc_vis_unixshm_t *t, xmmsc_visualization_t *v, short *buffer, int drawtime, unsigned int blocking)

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void cleanup_shm ( xmmsc_vis_unixshm_t t  ) 

Definition at line 16 of file dummy.c.

int read_do_shm ( xmmsc_vis_unixshm_t t,
xmmsc_visualization_t *  v,
short *  buffer,
int  drawtime,
unsigned int  blocking 

Definition at line 21 of file dummy.c.

bool setup_shm_handle ( xmmsc_result_t res  ) 

Definition at line 10 of file dummy.c.

xmmsc_result_t* setup_shm_prepare ( xmmsc_connection_t c,
int32_t  vv 

Definition at line 4 of file dummy.c.

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