clients/lib/xmmsclient/result.c File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include "xmmsclient/xmmsclient.h"
#include "xmmsclientpriv/xmmsclient.h"
#include "xmmsclientpriv/xmmsclient_ipc.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_idnumbers.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_errorcodes.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_stdint.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_stdbool.h"

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typedef struct


xmmsc_result_txmmsc_result_ref (xmmsc_result_t *res)
 References the xmmsc_result_t.
xmmsc_result_type_t xmmsc_result_get_class (xmmsc_result_t *res)
 Get the class of the result (default, signal, broadcast).
void xmmsc_result_disconnect (xmmsc_result_t *res)
 Disconnect a signal or a broadcast.
uint32_t xmmsc_result_cookie_get (xmmsc_result_t *res)
 return the cookie of a resultset.
void xmmsc_result_visc_set (xmmsc_result_t *res, xmmsc_visualization_t *visc)
xmmsc_visualization_t * xmmsc_result_visc_get (xmmsc_result_t *res)
xmmsc_connection_txmmsc_result_get_connection (xmmsc_result_t *res)
void xmmsc_result_unref (xmmsc_result_t *res)
 Decreases the references for the xmmsc_result_t When the number of references reaches 0 it will be freed.
void xmmsc_result_notifier_set (xmmsc_result_t *res, xmmsc_result_notifier_t func, void *user_data)
 Set up a callback for the result retrival.
void xmmsc_result_notifier_set_full (xmmsc_result_t *res, xmmsc_result_notifier_t func, void *user_data, xmmsc_user_data_free_func_t free_func)
 Set up a callback for the result retrieval.
void xmmsc_result_wait (xmmsc_result_t *res)
 Block for the reply.
xmmsv_t * xmmsc_result_get_value (xmmsc_result_t *res)
 Get the value from a result.
void xmmsc_result_seterror (xmmsc_result_t *res, const char *errstr)
void xmmsc_result_restartable (xmmsc_result_t *res, uint32_t signalid)
void xmmsc_result_run (xmmsc_result_t *res, xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg)
xmmsc_result_txmmsc_result_new (xmmsc_connection_t *c, xmmsc_result_type_t type, uint32_t cookie)
 Allocates new xmmsc_result_t and references it.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct xmmsc_result_callback_St xmmsc_result_callback_t

Function Documentation

xmmsc_result_t* xmmsc_result_new ( xmmsc_connection_t c,
xmmsc_result_type_t  type,
uint32_t  cookie 

Allocates new xmmsc_result_t and references it.

Should not be used from a client.

Definition at line 471 of file result.c.

Referenced by xmmsc_send_msg(), and xmmsc_send_msg_no_arg().

void xmmsc_result_restartable ( xmmsc_result_t res,
uint32_t  signalid 

Definition at line 401 of file result.c.

Referenced by xmmsc_send_signal_msg().

void xmmsc_result_run ( xmmsc_result_t res,
xmms_ipc_msg_t msg 

Definition at line 412 of file result.c.

void xmmsc_result_seterror ( xmmsc_result_t res,
const char *  errstr 

Definition at line 392 of file result.c.

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