include/xmmsc/xmmsc_ipc_msg.h File Reference

#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_compiler.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_stdint.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_stdbool.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_util.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_ipc_transport.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsv_coll.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsv.h"

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#define XMMS_IPC_MSG_HEAD_LEN   16


typedef struct xmms_ipc_msg_St xmms_ipc_msg_t


uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_length (const xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg)
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_object (const xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg)
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_cmd (const xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg)
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_cookie (const xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg)
void xmms_ipc_msg_set_length (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, uint32_t len)
void xmms_ipc_msg_set_cookie (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, uint32_t cookie)
void xmms_ipc_msg_set_cmd (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, uint32_t cmd)
void xmms_ipc_msg_set_object (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, uint32_t object)
xmms_ipc_msg_txmms_ipc_msg_new (uint32_t object, uint32_t cmd)
xmms_ipc_msg_txmms_ipc_msg_alloc (void)
void xmms_ipc_msg_destroy (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg)
bool xmms_ipc_msg_write_transport (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, xmms_ipc_transport_t *transport, bool *disconnected)
bool xmms_ipc_msg_read_transport (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, xmms_ipc_transport_t *transport, bool *disconnected)
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_put_value (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, xmmsv_t *v)
bool xmms_ipc_msg_get_value (xmms_ipc_msg_t *msg, xmmsv_t **val)

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Definition at line 28 of file xmmsc_ipc_msg.h.

#define XMMS_IPC_MSG_HEAD_LEN   16

Definition at line 29 of file xmmsc_ipc_msg.h.

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typedef struct xmms_ipc_msg_St xmms_ipc_msg_t

Definition at line 31 of file xmmsc_ipc_msg.h.

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xmms_ipc_msg_t* xmms_ipc_msg_alloc ( void   ) 
void xmms_ipc_msg_destroy ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg  ) 
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_cmd ( const xmms_ipc_msg_t msg  ) 

Referenced by xmmsc_send_msg().

uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_cookie ( const xmms_ipc_msg_t msg  ) 
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_length ( const xmms_ipc_msg_t msg  ) 
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_get_object ( const xmms_ipc_msg_t msg  ) 

Referenced by xmmsc_send_msg().

bool xmms_ipc_msg_get_value ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
xmmsv_t **  val 
xmms_ipc_msg_t* xmms_ipc_msg_new ( uint32_t  object,
uint32_t  cmd 
uint32_t xmms_ipc_msg_put_value ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
xmmsv_t *  v 
bool xmms_ipc_msg_read_transport ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
xmms_ipc_transport_t transport,
bool *  disconnected 
void xmms_ipc_msg_set_cmd ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
uint32_t  cmd 
void xmms_ipc_msg_set_cookie ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
uint32_t  cookie 

Referenced by xmmsc_ipc_msg_write().

void xmms_ipc_msg_set_length ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
uint32_t  len 
void xmms_ipc_msg_set_object ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
uint32_t  object 
bool xmms_ipc_msg_write_transport ( xmms_ipc_msg_t msg,
xmms_ipc_transport_t transport,
bool *  disconnected 

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