src/xmms/visualization/format.c File Reference

#include <math.h>
#include "common.h"

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#define FFT_BITS   9
#define AMP_LOG_SCALE_THRESHOLD0   0.001f
#define AMP_LOG_SCALE_DIVISOR   6.908f
#define FREQ_LOG_SCALE_BASE   2.0f


void fft_init ()
short fill_buffer (int16_t *dest, xmmsc_vis_properties_t *prop, int channels, int size, short *src)

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#define AMP_LOG_SCALE_DIVISOR   6.908f

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#define AMP_LOG_SCALE_THRESHOLD0   0.001f

Definition at line 9 of file format.c.

#define FFT_BITS   9

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Definition at line 4 of file format.c.

Referenced by fft_init().

#define FREQ_LOG_SCALE_BASE   2.0f

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void fft_init ( void   ) 

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short fill_buffer ( int16_t *  dest,
xmmsc_vis_properties_t prop,
int  channels,
int  size,
short *  src 

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Referenced by write_shm(), and write_udp().

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