src/xmms/object.c File Reference

#include "xmms/xmms_object.h"
#include "xmms/xmms_log.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_idnumbers.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string.h>

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void xmms_object_cleanup (xmms_object_t *object)
 Cleanup all the resources for the object.
void xmms_object_connect (xmms_object_t *object, guint32 signalid, xmms_object_handler_t handler, gpointer userdata)
 Connect to a signal that is emitted by this object.
void xmms_object_disconnect (xmms_object_t *object, guint32 signalid, xmms_object_handler_t handler, gpointer userdata)
 Disconnect from a signal.
void xmms_object_emit (xmms_object_t *object, guint32 signalid, xmmsv_t *data)
 Emit a signal and thus call all the handlers that are connected.
void xmms_object_cmd_arg_init (xmms_object_cmd_arg_t *arg)
 Initialize a command argument.
void xmms_object_emit_f (xmms_object_t *object, guint32 signalid, xmmsv_type_t type,...)
 Emits a signal on the current object.
void xmms_object_cmd_add (xmms_object_t *object, guint cmdid, const xmms_object_cmd_desc_t *desc)
 Add a command that could be called from the client API to a object.
void xmms_object_cmd_call (xmms_object_t *object, guint cmdid, xmms_object_cmd_arg_t *arg)
 Call a command with argument.
xmmsv_t * xmms_convert_and_kill_list (GList *list)
xmmsv_t * xmms_convert_and_kill_dict (GTree *dict)
xmmsv_t * xmms_convert_and_kill_string (gchar *str)
int xmms_bin_to_gstring (xmmsv_t *value, GString **gs)
int dummy_identity (xmmsv_t *value, xmmsv_t **arg)
gboolean check_string_list (xmmsv_t *list)
 Checks that the list only contains string values.
void __int_xmms_object_unref (xmms_object_t *object)
xmms_object_t__int_xmms_object_new (gint size, xmms_object_destroy_func_t destfunc)

Function Documentation

xmms_object_t* __int_xmms_object_new ( gint  size,
xmms_object_destroy_func_t  destfunc 

Definition at line 501 of file object.c.

void __int_xmms_object_unref ( xmms_object_t object  ) 

Definition at line 489 of file object.c.

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