src/includepriv/xmmspriv/xmms_ipc.h File Reference

#include "xmms/xmms_ipc.h"

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typedef struct xmms_ipc_St xmms_ipc_t


xmms_ipc_txmms_ipc_init (void)
 Initialize IPC.
void xmms_ipc_shutdown (void)
 Disable IPC.
void on_config_ipcsocket_change (xmms_object_t *object, xmmsv_t *data, gpointer udata)
 Gets called when the config property "core.ipcsocket" has changed.
gboolean xmms_ipc_setup_server (const gchar *path)
 Start the server.
gboolean xmms_ipc_has_pending (guint signalid)
 Checks if someone is waiting for signalid.

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typedef struct xmms_ipc_St xmms_ipc_t

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