src/includepriv/xmmspriv/xmms_medialib.h File Reference

#include "xmms/xmms_medialib.h"
#include "xmmspriv/xmms_playlist.h"
#include "xmmspriv/xmms_sqlite.h"

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typedef struct xmms_medialib_St xmms_medialib_t


xmms_medialib_txmms_medialib_init (xmms_playlist_t *playlist)
 Initialize the medialib and open the database file.
GList * xmms_medialib_select (xmms_medialib_session_t *, const gchar *query, xmms_error_t *error)
 Get a list of GHashTables 's that matches the query.
GList * xmms_medialib_info_list (xmms_medialib_t *medialib, guint32 id, xmms_error_t *err)
xmms_medialib_entry_t xmms_medialib_entry_not_resolved_get (xmms_medialib_session_t *session)
guint xmms_medialib_num_not_resolved (xmms_medialib_session_t *session)
void xmms_medialib_entry_remove (xmms_medialib_entry_t entry)
 Remove a medialib entry from the database.
void xmms_medialib_entry_cleanup (xmms_medialib_session_t *session, xmms_medialib_entry_t entry)
xmms_medialib_entry_t xmms_medialib_entry_new_encoded (xmms_medialib_session_t *session, const char *url, xmms_error_t *error)
gboolean xmms_medialib_decode_url (char *url)
gboolean xmms_medialib_check_id (xmms_medialib_entry_t entry)
gboolean xmms_medialib_entry_property_set_str_source (xmms_medialib_session_t *session, xmms_medialib_entry_t entry, const gchar *property, const gchar *value, guint32 source)
gboolean xmms_medialib_entry_property_set_int_source (xmms_medialib_session_t *session, xmms_medialib_entry_t entry, const gchar *property, gint value, guint32 source)
guint32 xmms_medialib_source_to_id (xmms_medialib_session_t *session, const gchar *source)
void xmms_medialib_add_recursive (xmms_medialib_t *medialib, const gchar *playlist, const gchar *path, xmms_error_t *error)
void xmms_medialib_insert_recursive (xmms_medialib_t *medialib, const gchar *playlist, gint32 pos, const gchar *path, xmms_error_t *error)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct xmms_medialib_St xmms_medialib_t

Definition at line 27 of file xmms_medialib.h.

Function Documentation

gboolean xmms_medialib_check_id ( xmms_medialib_entry_t  entry  ) 

Definition at line 1401 of file medialib.c.

gboolean xmms_medialib_decode_url ( char *  url  ) 

Definition at line 1474 of file medialib.c.

Referenced by xmms_xform_browse().

xmms_medialib_entry_t xmms_medialib_entry_not_resolved_get ( xmms_medialib_session_t session  ) 

Definition at line 1439 of file medialib.c.

guint xmms_medialib_num_not_resolved ( xmms_medialib_session_t session  ) 

Definition at line 1457 of file medialib.c.

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