src/includepriv/xmmspriv/xmms_sample.h File Reference

#include "xmmspriv/xmms_streamtype.h"
#include "xmms/xmms_sample.h"
#include "xmms/xmms_medialib.h"

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typedef guint(* xmms_sample_conv_func_t )(xmms_sample_converter_t *, xmms_sample_t *, guint, xmms_sample_t *)


xmms_sample_converter_txmms_sample_converter_init (xmms_stream_type_t *from, xmms_stream_type_t *to)
gint xmms_sample_frame_size_get (const xmms_stream_type_t *st)
guint xmms_sample_ms_to_samples (const xmms_stream_type_t *st, guint ms)
 convert from milliseconds to samples for this format.
guint xmms_sample_samples_to_ms (const xmms_stream_type_t *st, guint samples)
 Convert from samples to milliseconds for this format.
gint64 xmms_sample_convert_scale (xmms_sample_converter_t *conv, gint64 samples)
gint64 xmms_sample_convert_rev_scale (xmms_sample_converter_t *conv, gint64 samples)
void xmms_sample_convert (xmms_sample_converter_t *conv, xmms_sample_t *in, guint len, xmms_sample_t **out, guint *outlen)
 do the actual converstion between two audio formats.
void xmms_sample_convert_reset (xmms_sample_converter_t *conv)
xmms_sample_converter_txmms_sample_audioformats_coerce (xmms_stream_type_t *in, const GList *goal_types)
xmms_stream_type_txmms_sample_converter_get_from (xmms_sample_converter_t *conv)
 Return the audio format used by the converter as source.
xmms_stream_type_txmms_sample_converter_get_to (xmms_sample_converter_t *conv)
 Return the audio format used by the converter as target.
void xmms_sample_converter_to_medialib (xmms_sample_converter_t *conv, xmms_medialib_entry_t entry)

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Definition at line 24 of file xmms_sample.h.

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xmms_sample_converter_t* xmms_sample_audioformats_coerce ( xmms_stream_type_t in,
const GList *  goal_types 

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