src/includepriv/xmmspriv/xmms_streamtype.h File Reference

#include <stdarg.h>
#include "xmms/xmms_streamtype.h"

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xmms_stream_type_txmms_stream_type_parse (va_list ap)
gboolean xmms_stream_type_match (const xmms_stream_type_t *in_type, const xmms_stream_type_t *out_type)
xmms_stream_type_txmms_stream_type_coerce (const xmms_stream_type_t *in, const GList *goal_types)
 Find the best pair of formats.
xmms_stream_type_t_xmms_stream_type_new (void *dumb,...)

Function Documentation

xmms_stream_type_t* _xmms_stream_type_new ( void *  dumb,

Definition at line 362 of file streamtype.c.

Referenced by xmms_collection_init(), and xmms_stream_type_coerce().

xmms_stream_type_t* xmms_stream_type_coerce ( const xmms_stream_type_t in,
const GList *  goal_types 

Find the best pair of formats.

Definition at line 240 of file streamtype.c.

gboolean xmms_stream_type_match ( const xmms_stream_type_t in_type,
const xmms_stream_type_t out_type 

Definition at line 210 of file streamtype.c.

xmms_stream_type_t* xmms_stream_type_parse ( va_list  ap  ) 

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