xmms_xform_methods_St Struct Reference

Methods provided by an xform plugin. More...

#include <xmms_xformplugin.h>

Data Fields

gboolean(* init )(xmms_xform_t *)
 Initialisation method.
void(* destroy )(xmms_xform_t *)
 Destruction method.
gint(* read )(xmms_xform_t *, gpointer, gint, xmms_error_t *)
 Read method.
gint64(* seek )(xmms_xform_t *, gint64, xmms_xform_seek_mode_t, xmms_error_t *)
 Seek method.
gboolean(* browse )(xmms_xform_t *, const gchar *, xmms_error_t *)
 browse method.

Detailed Description

Methods provided by an xform plugin.

Definition at line 110 of file xmms_xformplugin.h.

Field Documentation

gboolean(* xmms_xform_methods_St::browse)(xmms_xform_t *, const gchar *, xmms_error_t *)

browse method.

Called when a users wants to do some server side browsing. This is called without init() beeing called.

Destruction method.

Called when the xform isn't needed anymore. Should free any resources used by the xform.

Initialisation method.

Called when a new xform is to be instantiated. It should prepare for the transformation and use xmms_xform_outdata_type_add to inform what type of data it outputs.

TRUE if initialisation was successful, FALSE otherwise.
gint(* xmms_xform_methods_St::read)(xmms_xform_t *, gpointer, gint, xmms_error_t *)

Read method.

Called to read data from the xform.

Seek method.

Called to change the offset in the stream. Observe that the offset is measured in "natural" units; audio/pcm-data is measured in samples, application/octet-stream in bytes.

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