src/include/xmms/xmms_ipc.h File Reference

#include <glib.h>
#include "xmms/xmms_object.h"

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G_BEGIN_DECLS void xmms_ipc_object_register (xmms_ipc_objects_t objectid, xmms_object_t *object)
 Register a object to the IPC core.
void xmms_ipc_object_unregister (xmms_ipc_objects_t objectid)
 Remove a object from the IPC core.
void xmms_ipc_broadcast_register (xmms_object_t *object, xmms_ipc_signals_t signalid)
 Register a broadcast signal.
void xmms_ipc_broadcast_unregister (xmms_ipc_signals_t signalid)
 Unregister a broadcast signal.
void xmms_ipc_signal_register (xmms_object_t *object, xmms_ipc_signals_t signalid)
 Register a signal.
void xmms_ipc_signal_unregister (xmms_ipc_signals_t signalid)
 Unregister a signal.

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