src/includepriv/xmmspriv/xmms_playlist.h File Reference

#include <glib.h>
#include "xmms/xmms_error.h"
#include "xmms/xmms_medialib.h"
#include "xmmspriv/xmms_mediainfo.h"

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#define XMMS_MAX_URI_LEN   1024
#define XMMS_MEDIA_DATA_LEN   1024
#define XMMS_PLAYLIST_COLLECTION_CHANGED_MSG(playlist, name)   xmms_playlist_changed_msg_send (playlist, xmms_playlist_changed_msg_new (playlist, XMMS_PLAYLIST_CHANGED_UPDATE, 0, name))


typedef struct xmms_playlist_St xmms_playlist_t


xmms_playlist_txmms_playlist_init (void)
 Initializes a new xmms_playlist_t.
gboolean xmms_playlist_advance (xmms_playlist_t *playlist)
 Go to next song in playlist according to current playlist mode.
xmms_medialib_entry_t xmms_playlist_current_entry (xmms_playlist_t *playlist)
 Retrieve the currently active xmms_medialib_entry_t.
void xmms_playlist_add_entry_unlocked (xmms_playlist_t *playlist, const const gchar *plname, xmmsv_coll_t *plcoll, xmms_medialib_entry_t file, xmms_error_t *err)
GList * xmms_playlist_list (xmms_playlist_t *playlist, const gchar *plname, xmms_error_t *err)
gboolean xmms_playlist_remove_by_entry (xmms_playlist_t *playlist, xmms_medialib_entry_t entry)
 Remove all additions of entry in the playlist.
void xmms_playlist_add_entry (xmms_playlist_t *playlist, const gchar *plname, xmms_medialib_entry_t file, xmms_error_t *err)
 Add an entry to the playlist without validating it.
void xmms_playlist_insert_entry (xmms_playlist_t *playlist, const gchar *plname, guint32 pos, xmms_medialib_entry_t file, xmms_error_t *err)
 Insert an entry at a given position in the playlist without validating it.
xmms_mediainfo_reader_txmms_playlist_mediainfo_reader_get (xmms_playlist_t *playlist)
 returns pointer to mediainfo reader.
GTree * xmms_playlist_changed_msg_new (xmms_playlist_t *playlist, xmms_playlist_changed_actions_t type, guint32 id, const gchar *plname)
void xmms_playlist_changed_msg_send (xmms_playlist_t *playlist, GTree *dict)

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Definition at line 37 of file xmms_playlist.h.


Definition at line 36 of file xmms_playlist.h.

Referenced by xmms_collection_set_int_attr().

#define XMMS_MAX_URI_LEN   1024

Definition at line 34 of file xmms_playlist.h.

#define XMMS_MEDIA_DATA_LEN   1024

Definition at line 35 of file xmms_playlist.h.

name   )     xmms_playlist_changed_msg_send (playlist, xmms_playlist_changed_msg_new (playlist, XMMS_PLAYLIST_CHANGED_UPDATE, 0, name))

Definition at line 68 of file xmms_playlist.h.

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typedef struct xmms_playlist_St xmms_playlist_t

Definition at line 41 of file xmms_playlist.h.

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void xmms_playlist_add_entry_unlocked ( xmms_playlist_t playlist,
const const gchar *  plname,
xmmsv_coll_t plcoll,
xmms_medialib_entry_t  file,
xmms_error_t err 
GTree* xmms_playlist_changed_msg_new ( xmms_playlist_t playlist,
xmms_playlist_changed_actions_t  type,
guint32  id,
const gchar *  plname 

Definition at line 1627 of file playlist.c.

Referenced by xmms_playlist_add_entry_unlocked(), and xmms_playlist_insert_entry().

void xmms_playlist_changed_msg_send ( xmms_playlist_t playlist,
GTree *  dict 

Definition at line 1668 of file playlist.c.

Referenced by xmms_playlist_add_entry_unlocked(), and xmms_playlist_insert_entry().

GList* xmms_playlist_list ( xmms_playlist_t playlist,
const gchar *  plname,
xmms_error_t err 

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