src/includepriv/xmmspriv/xmms_sqlite.h File Reference

#include <sqlite3.h>
#include <xmms/xmms_object.h>

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typedef gboolean(* xmms_medialib_row_array_method_t )(xmmsv_t **row, gpointer udata)
typedef gboolean(* xmms_medialib_row_table_method_t )(xmmsv_t *row, gpointer udata)


sqlite3 * xmms_sqlite_open (void)
 Open a database or create a new one.
gboolean xmms_sqlite_create (gboolean *create)
gboolean xmms_sqlite_query_array (sqlite3 *sql, xmms_medialib_row_array_method_t method, gpointer udata, const gchar *query,...)
gboolean xmms_sqlite_query_int (sqlite3 *sql, gint32 *r, const gchar *query,...)
gboolean xmms_sqlite_query_table (sqlite3 *sql, xmms_medialib_row_table_method_t method, gpointer udata, xmms_error_t *error, const gchar *query,...)
 Execute a query to the database.
gboolean xmms_sqlite_exec (sqlite3 *sql, const char *query,...)
 A query that can't retrieve results.
void xmms_sqlite_close (sqlite3 *sql)
 Close database and free all resources used.
void xmms_sqlite_print_version (void)
gchar * sqlite_prepare_string (const gchar *input)

Typedef Documentation

typedef gboolean(* xmms_medialib_row_array_method_t)(xmmsv_t **row, gpointer udata)

Definition at line 26 of file xmms_sqlite.h.

typedef gboolean(* xmms_medialib_row_table_method_t)(xmmsv_t *row, gpointer udata)

Definition at line 27 of file xmms_sqlite.h.

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