src/include/xmmsc/xmmsv_coll.h File Reference

#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_compiler.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_stdint.h"
#include "xmmsc/xmmsc_idnumbers.h"

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#define xmmsc_coll_new   xmmsv_coll_new
#define xmmsc_coll_ref   xmmsv_coll_ref
#define xmmsc_coll_unref   xmmsv_coll_unref
#define xmmsc_coll_set_idlist   xmmsv_coll_set_idlist
#define xmmsc_coll_add_operand   xmmsv_coll_add_operand
#define xmmsc_coll_remove_operand   xmmsv_coll_remove_operand
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_append   xmmsv_coll_idlist_append
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_insert   xmmsv_coll_idlist_insert
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_move   xmmsv_coll_idlist_move
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_remove   xmmsv_coll_idlist_remove
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_clear   xmmsv_coll_idlist_clear
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_get_index   xmmsv_coll_idlist_get_index
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_set_index   xmmsv_coll_idlist_set_index
#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_get_size   xmmsv_coll_idlist_get_size
#define xmmsc_coll_get_type   xmmsv_coll_get_type
#define xmmsc_coll_get_idlist   xmmsv_coll_get_idlist
#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_set   xmmsv_coll_attribute_set
#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_remove   xmmsv_coll_attribute_remove
#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_get   xmmsv_coll_attribute_get
#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_foreach   xmmsv_coll_attribute_foreach
#define xmmsc_coll_universe   xmmsv_coll_universe


typedef struct xmmsv_coll_St xmmsv_coll_t
typedef void(* xmmsv_coll_attribute_foreach_func )(const char *key, const char *value, void *udata)
typedef xmmsv_coll_t xmmsc_coll_t


xmmsv_coll_txmmsv_coll_new (xmmsv_coll_type_t type)
 Allocate a new collection of the given type.
xmmsv_coll_txmmsv_coll_ref (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
 Increases the references for the xmmsv_coll_t.
void xmmsv_coll_unref (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
 Decreases the references for the xmmsv_coll_t When the number of references reaches 0 it will be freed and all its operands unreferenced as well.
void xmmsv_coll_set_idlist (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, unsigned int ids[])
 Set the list of ids in the given collection.
void xmmsv_coll_add_operand (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, xmmsv_coll_t *op)
 Add the operand to the given collection.
void xmmsv_coll_remove_operand (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, xmmsv_coll_t *op)
 Remove all the occurences of the operand in the given collection.
struct xmmsv_St * xmmsv_coll_operands_get (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
int xmmsv_coll_idlist_append (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, unsigned int id)
 Append a value to the idlist.
int xmmsv_coll_idlist_insert (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, unsigned int index, unsigned int id)
 Insert a value at a given position in the idlist.
int xmmsv_coll_idlist_move (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, unsigned int index, unsigned int newindex)
 Move a value of the idlist to a new position.
int xmmsv_coll_idlist_remove (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, unsigned int index)
 Remove the value at a given index from the idlist.
int xmmsv_coll_idlist_clear (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
 Empties the idlist.
int xmmsv_coll_idlist_get_index (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, unsigned int index, uint32_t *val)
 Retrieves the value at the given position in the idlist.
int xmmsv_coll_idlist_set_index (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, unsigned int index, uint32_t val)
 Sets the value at the given position in the idlist.
size_t xmmsv_coll_idlist_get_size (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
 Get the size of the idlist.
xmmsv_coll_type_t xmmsv_coll_get_type (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
 Return the type of the collection.
uint32_t * xmmsv_coll_get_idlist (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
 Return the list of ids stored in the collection.
void xmmsv_coll_attribute_set (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, const char *key, const char *value)
 Set an attribute in the given collection.
int xmmsv_coll_attribute_remove (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, const char *key)
 Remove an attribute from the given collection.
int xmmsv_coll_attribute_get (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, const char *key, char **value)
 Retrieve the value of the attribute of the given collection.
void xmmsv_coll_attribute_foreach (xmmsv_coll_t *coll, xmmsv_coll_attribute_foreach_func func, void *user_data) XMMS_DEPRECATED
 Iterate over all key/value-pair of the collection attributes.
struct xmmsv_St * xmmsv_coll_attributes_get (xmmsv_coll_t *coll)
xmmsv_coll_txmmsv_coll_universe (void)
 Return a collection referencing the whole media library, that is a reference to the "All Media" collection.

Define Documentation

#define xmmsc_coll_add_operand   xmmsv_coll_add_operand

Definition at line 72 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_foreach   xmmsv_coll_attribute_foreach

Definition at line 90 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_get   xmmsv_coll_attribute_get

Definition at line 89 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_remove   xmmsv_coll_attribute_remove

Definition at line 88 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_attribute_set   xmmsv_coll_attribute_set

Definition at line 87 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_get_idlist   xmmsv_coll_get_idlist

Definition at line 85 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_get_type   xmmsv_coll_get_type

Definition at line 84 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_append   xmmsv_coll_idlist_append

Definition at line 75 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_clear   xmmsv_coll_idlist_clear

Definition at line 79 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_get_index   xmmsv_coll_idlist_get_index

Definition at line 80 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_get_size   xmmsv_coll_idlist_get_size

Definition at line 82 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_insert   xmmsv_coll_idlist_insert

Definition at line 76 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_move   xmmsv_coll_idlist_move

Definition at line 77 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_remove   xmmsv_coll_idlist_remove

Definition at line 78 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_idlist_set_index   xmmsv_coll_idlist_set_index

Definition at line 81 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_new   xmmsv_coll_new

Definition at line 67 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_ref   xmmsv_coll_ref

Definition at line 68 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_remove_operand   xmmsv_coll_remove_operand

Definition at line 73 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_set_idlist   xmmsv_coll_set_idlist

Definition at line 71 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_universe   xmmsv_coll_universe

Definition at line 92 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

#define xmmsc_coll_unref   xmmsv_coll_unref

Definition at line 69 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 65 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

typedef void(* xmmsv_coll_attribute_foreach_func)(const char *key, const char *value, void *udata)

Definition at line 30 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

typedef struct xmmsv_coll_St xmmsv_coll_t

Definition at line 28 of file xmmsv_coll.h.

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